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I was introduced to Sisterlocks in August of 2006, a year after Hurricane Katrina ravished New Orleans, La, where I’ve lived for over 20 yrs.  Although I started my Sisterlocks journey in Chicago, IL, my hometown; it was New Orleans where I’ve been able to hone my skills in the Sisterlocks Natural Hair Care Management System.  Moving forward with my Sisterlocks endorsements such as: Trainee, Certified Consultant, R-Certified Consultant & now with the honorable Brand Ambassador endorsement, I’m able to enforce our Sisterlocks System, from the precision grid technique, locking patterns, lock management/maintenance & our unique Sisterlocks tools that together renders authentic, beautiful Sisterlocks, with each establishment being client specific.  Come and experience just a simple down to earth at home ambience.  Dr Cornwell says “come home to Sisterlocks” & Natural Sisters Lock Alliance says come “back to royalty” ​

My Services

Service Area:  Servicing: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia & Texas
Natural Sisters Lock Alliance, specializing in Sisterlocks
Phone: 504 451-5332
Email[email protected] 

Special Services

  • Hours of Operation: By Appointment Only
  • Consultation 
  • Establishment Package/ Reti 
  • Lock Rescue & Maintenace 
  • Shampoo & Deep Penetrating Cond. 
  • Shampoo & Moisturizing TX 
  • Roller Set & Styling 
  • Wrap a Lock & Styling 
  • Lock Loop & Styling 
  • Hair Coloring: High lift, Permanent, Semi Permanent & Temporary 
  • Sisterlocks Distributor ​​
  • Retightening Classes

Trainee: 9/2006
Certificate for Sisterlocks Anthem (Poem) / 2008
Certified: 5/2010
R-Certified: 12/2012
Brand Ambassador 11/2019 

​Barber Instructor

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